Crash and fire then scare for couple

A CAR crash has sparked a grassfire that spread to a caravan, forcing its two occupants to flee.

Sgt Gerard Warrin, of Cobram, said two men travelling in the car in the Cobram State Forest late on Tuesday had hit a tree at the end of Wondah Street.

She said the car had then become stuck on a stump.

She said and the heat of the car’s exhaust had started the fire.

Cobram CFA attempts to contained the blaze failed and it turned towards the caravan and a van nearby.

Sgt Warrin said police called to the scene had to rescue a man and a woman in the caravan, who were known to the people in the car.

“It was an extremely dangerous,” he said.

The fire destroyed the caravan and van, causing $50,000 damage.

Police are yet to interview the men in the car and Sgt Warrin said alcohol was involved.

Sgt Warrin said the of emergency services had done well.

“If it wasn’t for the quick-thinking of the CFA and Cobram police it could’ve been a far worse situation,” he said. “Stupid actions often have severe consequences.”