Developer bids for Winsor Park club

A DEVELOPER is poised to buy the former Winsor Park bowling greens and clubrooms near the Albury railway station.

Agents Stanley & Martin confirmed yesterday that the vacant Young Street site was under offer.

The government-own site failed to sell at auction in October — no bidder came forward — and it was then placed on the market for a private sale with an asking price of $2  million.

Stanley & Martin was unable to indicate the likely buyer’s identity or price yesterday because no contract had been signed but the probable use would be offices or showrooms.

The city plan would permit a multi-storey development.

The site adjoins Baker Motors, which has spent about $12 million over several years to create a massive complex between Young Street and the railway tracks.

Agent Steve Martin told the handful of people who attended the auction in October the site could house a six-storey office block, hostel or residential apartments.

The Albury council would welcome a major development that would replace the derelict greens and brick clubhouse but would insist the architecture respect the iconic railway station next door.

The 8334-square-metre site is owned by the NSW State Property Authority.

It has not been used for 18 months when the SS & A Club withdrew from a lease and closed the bowling club which, at the time, had about 150 members.

SS & A officials had spent eight years negotiating to buy the freehold from the former State Rail Authority and the present authority.

But, in the end, a new board of SS & A directors decided the cash-strapped club — saddled with debts after its Wodonga golf club deal — could not afford the $2 million needed to buy the freehold outright.

The board was offered a lesser price on condition it didn’t re-sell the site, but considered that option wasn’t viable.

Winsor Park was created on vacant land in the 1950s as a railway institute bowling club and named for railway commissioner and bowler Reginald Winsor.