Where the heck are we?

RON McLachlan, an Albury ratepayer since 1969 and usually a mild-mannered, calm fellow is incensed about a farcical situation that puts his Hume Gardens Estate home in both Glenroy and Lavington.

His anger came to a head when his grandson, 2, had a fit and Mr McLachlan desperately sought assistance from an ambulance.

Asked for his address and suburb, he told the operator Glenroy, in accordance with council notices.

It was then that Mr McLachlan was informed that no such place existed.

He was frantically seeking help and when asked for the closest city said it was Albury.

Eventually, he was told his suburb was Lavington, an ambulance finally arrived at his Billson Place home and the child was treated.

“The delay could have been critical,” Mr McLachlan said.

Mr McLachlan sent an email of complaint to the Albury Council on November 15 but has received no response.

He said his council rates, water notice and gas account list his property as being in Glenroy.

Letters from his electricity supplier are marked Glenroy, but it lists the supply address as Lavington.

His pension card shows a postcode of 2640, but his home and electricity supply are under 2641.

He has been challenged every time he has sought a pension rebate on a quarterly power bill since May last year.

“They have told me the pension card is stolen,” he said.

“Another time I was told that I was not the owner-occupier as the card was different to my address.”

On another occasion: “It is a different property to the one you are claiming concession on.”

Mr McLachlan said other pensioners in his area should check they are getting concessions on their power bills.

But the real issue is his location should be classified as Lavington.

Norris Park is deemed to be Lavington and Mr McLachlan’s area is west of it on the northern side of Union Road.

A council spokeswoman said it had not received Mr McLachlan’s email and Glenroy had two postcodes.

“How can you have two postcodes for the one suburb?” Mr McLachlan said.

“All government documents have us in a suburb that does not exist.”

Ron McLachlan at his home yesterday overlooking Norris Park.  Picture: DAVID THORPE

Ron McLachlan at his home yesterday overlooking Norris Park. Picture: DAVID THORPE