No room for complacency

THE message is simple — stay safe, stay cool.

The mercury is again expected to break through 40 degrees today and tomorrow and, for firefighters, that mixed with strengthening winds make the next two days of deadly risk.

Not since the Gerogery bushfire in 2009 has the NSW Rural Fire Service rated the danger so extreme.

That blaze raced across 15 kilometres of open country in next to no time.

It forced evacuations, killed countless livestock, left one man badly burnt and razed several homes in its path.

Many other properties were only saved by the army of firefighters.

Since then, the Border has been blessed with mild, almost wet, summers.

But the return to usual this year has meant recently green and abundant grasslands are now the perfect fire fuel with the week-long heatwave turning paddocks into tinder boxes.

No one should light any sort of fire in the next two days.

No one should engage in any activity that even slightly risks starting a fire.

If a fire does break out, heed the directions of firefighters. Listen to the warnings and make sure you have a plan.

There is no room for complacency.

No place for idiots.