'You're a dead dog': North Albury death threat

MATTHEW Joseph Wishart armed himself with a recently purchased machete when his older brother challenged another man to a fight in a North Albury street, a court heard yesterday.

It was the belief of brother John Wishart that the other man arranged to bash him.

The other man was on a footpath in Resolution Street about 8pm on January 10 when John Wishart, 23, asked whether he wanted to have “a go one on one”.

Earlier in the day, Matthew, 18, of Waugh Road, had bought a machete with 30 centimetre blade from a Wodonga outdoors store, for which John had to produce identification.

Police told Albury Local Court that Matthew waved the machete above his head, telling the victim: “I’ll kill you. You wanna bash my brother.”

The two brothers advanced on the other man, who shut a gate to his property.

But it was kicked open and Matthew Wishart swung the machete, which narrowly missed the victim’s head before he latched the gate shut.

The other man armed himself with an ornamental sword and there was a heated exchange in the street but neither weapon was used.

“You’re a dead dog. I’m going to kill you,” Matthew Wishart told the victim.

The brothers were called back to the waiting car and told police would soon arrive.

Police later found Matthew Wishart with the machete, charging him with possessing a knife in a public place.

He claimed the machete was a late Christmas present and denied the incident.

Wishart appeared in custody yesterday charged with affray and being armed with intent to commit an indictable offence

He was released on bail, with the charges adjourned until February 5.