Fev’s NFL dream on hold, for now

BRENDAN Fevola has dismissed speculation he won’t play finals this year.

The Yarrawonga superstar ­yesterday said he would be available at the pointy end of the Ovens and Murray season as he continues to pursue an NFL punting career.

Fevola, who arrived back in Australia on Tuesday after a two-week training camp in the US, said he was keen to return to America later in the year.

But not until his commitments with the Pigeons were done.

“It won’t be until after the footy season,” Fevola said.

“I’ll probably go back in September-October for a couple of months and give it a proper go.

“This time next year is when the tryouts are on.”

Fevola, who worked with Australian punting guru ­Darren Bennett while he was in the US, said he was not ready to try out for the new NFL season.

“It would have been a waste of time this year,” he said.

“They’ve given me stuff to come back and work on.

“I’ve got the power but I just need to get everything else right.”

Fevola, who turned 32 last month, said he was in no rush to secure a deal.

“Sav Rocca didn’t get drafted until he was 33 which is what I’ll be this time next year,” he said.

“I’ve definitely got the hunger to do it — to break into an American professional sport would be awesome.”

The two-time Coleman medallist said any career in American football would not hinder his football in Australia.

“It should help my footy, if anything,” he said.

“I’ll hopefully be a bit fitter.

“The main thing for me to do now is to stretch, to do some ­pilates and some yoga, get the tools back and get my leg over my head again.”

Fevola, who kicked 110 goals for the Pigeons last year, said he took plenty out of his trip.

“It was great,” he said.

“Everyone was really helpful and honest and it was good to work with other aspiring punters.

“It’s a difficult art and they’ve given me tapes to go over and other stuff to work on.

“It’s going to be a long road but one I’m looking forward to.

“It’s exciting.”

“I can’t wait for the footy to start, though.”

Fevola remains unsure when his first appearance for the Pigeons will be, with the club still hoping to resolve a lingering one-week suspension the star forward received for striking Albury’s Will Smith in last year’s grand final.

But it won’t be in the same controversial fashion as last season, with the AFL officially closing the loophole that saw Fevola align with three clubs in three weeks and able to play in the Easter Sunday blockbuster at Mulwala.

Under the old rules, players had to remain registered with clubs they transferred to for 28 days, but could be released to other clubs within that time on day permits.

Now they must wait 28 days until they can transfer or get a day permit.

Brendan Fevola.

Brendan Fevola.