Not Glenroy but North Albury

RECENTLY Albury Council confirmed the boundaries for the suburb of Glenroy, which was reported in “Still not happy: Glenroy postcode chaos ‘fixed’” (The Border Mail, February 6).

So why has The Border Mail got it wrong in another article?

The latest one (The Border Mail, February 13) refers to a Glenroy man from Captain Cook Drive.

He is actually a North Albury man.

Basically the area east of Burrows Road between Ryan and Union roads is part of the North Albury suburb, this includes the Glenroy Public School and the area around Captain Cook Drive and Kurnell Street.

What should have been investigated is why NSW has two suburbs called Glenroy – in Albury 2640 and Tumbarumba 2653.

For Albury, why was the suburb called Glenroy? Does the name have some significance to the area?

As the boundaries for Glenroy have changed possibly the name should change to recognise the area the suburb now embraces.

Perhaps some local residents and historians could provide relevant information on the suburb of Glenroy with its current boundaries.

It would be interesting to read an article on the history of the suburb of Glenroy that included boundary changes, estates names and the significance of the Glenroy name.