Police probe street fight

A WODONGA teenager is in a Melbourne hospital with a fractured skull after being attacked with a baseball bat in a residential street in the city on Sunday morning, police said.

Wodonga police Detective Leading Sen-Constable Andrew Leonard said the victim, 17, was outside a house near the corner of Prague Avenue and Warsaw Crescent with about six friends at 2am.

He said another group of eight youths walked past on their way home and a verbal exchange between the two groups took place.

“The victim’s group has followed the other group down the road a little bit where there’s been a confrontation that turned physical,” Sen-Constable Leonard said.

He said the victim was struck several times with what witnesses told police was a baseball bat.

Police were called and Sen-Constable Leonard said officers were able to defuse the situation.

He said police spoke to the victim at the time but there were no “obvious signs” of the serious injuries inflicted on him.

Sen-Constable Leonard said the teenager later woke up with significant head pain and was taken to the Wodonga hospital where tests revealed a fractured skull and possible bleeding on the brain.

The teenager was taken to St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne on Sunday night. He was in a serious condition last night.

“It was only the deterioration of the victim that the seriousness of the assault has become apparent,” Sen-Constable Leonard said.

Police examined the crime scene last night and spoke to residents who heard yelling from the confrontation.

Sen-Constable Leonard said at 6.30pm on Sunday, a 16-year-old Wodonga boy was taken into custody and interviewed.

He was released pending further inquiries.

Anyone who saw or heard any part of the incident is urged to phone Wodonga police on (02) 6049 2600 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.