Man, 24, nabbed twice in one day

AIDEN Leslie Walters was nabbed twice on the same day for driving under the influence of an illicit drug.

The offences cost Walters, 24, of Robbins Drive, Albury, $1800 in fines and he has been banned from driving for 12 months.

Magistrate Tony Murray was told in Albury Local Court yesterday that Walters was first apprehended about 1am on September 13 and the second time at about 4pm.

“I only went down to get a drink and smokes,” Walters said when he was caught the second time.

Police had banned Walters from driving for 24 hours after drugs were detected in his system in the initial matter.

Walters previously appeared in court for the second matter and was fined $800 with a 12-month driving ban imposed.

He yesterday pleaded guilty to the first offence and Mr Murray imposed a $1000 fine as well as a concurrent driving ban.

Walters was driving a Commodore utility in Dean Street when he was stopped for a random breath test and drug test.

The breath test was negative, but the drug test detected cannabis.

Walters was advised a secondary sample was required for analysis and it was sent for testing.

“I had a few bongs at a mate’s place a few hours ago,” Walters told police.

The test was positive for methamphetamine and cannabis.