Berrigan residents to review their land valuations

BERRIGAN’S mayor is asking landowners not happy with significant rises to their land values on rates notices to contact shire offices.

Bernard Curtin said council didn’t want to unnecessarily raise rates.

“Our staff are going through the valuations that vary significantly and letting landowners know they can protest to the valuer general,” he said.

“I believe that some people that come to our area to take these land values are not familiar with this part of the country and are perhaps going on a sale from four to five years ago.”

NSW Valuer General Philip Western has revealed the unimproved land value of the Berrigan municipality on July 1 last year was about $511 million, an increase of $3 million from the value determined on July 1, 2010.

“We are happy for landowners to contact shire offices and get advice if they are not happy,” Cr Curtin said.

“We want to make sure residents are fully aware of what (a rise) means.”