Tungamah community win their pool back

Kellie Costigan has her towel ready for the opening. Picture: MARK JESSER
Kellie Costigan has her towel ready for the opening. Picture: MARK JESSER

THE Tungamah community has had a win with residents expecting to be splashing around in their town’s pool tomorrow or early next week.

The 33-year-old pool at Tungamah Primary School had been closed this summer after the school told residents there was no public liability insurance to allow its operation.

About 30 residents attended a public meeting on Tuesday night and the school yesterday declared it was, in fact, covered by insurance.

The school is now waiting on a final document being drawn up by the Department of Education.

Kellie Costigan, who has been fighting to re-open the pool, said it was terrific news.

“It will be great if that’s the way it is going,” she said.”

“We are just waiting on that documentation to come through.”

As a bonus, the school will extend the pool’s hours of operation — it had previously been open to the public from 4pm and 7.30pm and will now operate between 2pm to 8pm.

“The kids and residents are all very happy,” Mrs Costigan said.

“I would like to organise a pool party to celebrate.”

Another happy resident is Diane Ford.

“It’s just what we wanted, especially with all this hot weather,” she said.

“I didn’t understand all the red tape and try explaining that to kids who see the pool there and just want to go for a swim.”

Murray Valley MP Tim McCurdy, principal Christine Purcell and school council members attended the meeting.

School council representative Simon Crawford said a sub-committee would need to be formed to run the pool.

The pool was yesterday being cleaned in readiness for the first dip.