LUNACY: Bright L-plater blows .165

The actions of an L-plate teenager who blew more than three times the limit for full licensed drivers has shocked Wangaratta police.

The Bright teenager, 16, was pulled over by police in Riley Street about 5.15am yesterday.

She blew .165 in a breath-test and her supervising passenger was also intoxicated.

The Myrtleford man, 27, blew .102, more than double the limit.

In Victoria L-platers must have a zero blood alcohol concentration and supervisors must be below .05.

Wangaratta police Constable Cohan Newton said the two were lucky the incident didn’t result in an accident.

“It’s terrible, especially an inexperienced driver driving under the influence of alcohol,” he said.

“They could have seriously injured themselves or anyone else out there on the roads.” 

Constable Newton said people drinking needed to plan their night ahead to avoid these situations. 

He said the teenager would be receiving a court summons in the mail, while the man was released with a penalty notice.