Albury Airport runway upgrade $1.4m cheaper than expected 

Albury Airport
Albury Airport

THE latest major upgrade at Albury Airport will be $1.4 million cheaper than what had originally budgeted.

A runway overlay repair job is one of the largest capital works projects in the financial year with an estimated $4 million price tag.

Albury Council last night confirmed a national contractor with a Wodonga office, Downer EDI Works, had secured the job ahead of three other short-listed companies.

Its tendered price of $2.6 million was also $140,000 cheaper than the nearest rival.

One of the biggest savings will come with Downer EDI Works using its local plant for asphalt rather than establishing a temporary plant at the airport as proposed by the other companies in contention.

The council will appoint a suitably qualified and experienced superintendent to oversee the works and Downer EDI Works has agreed to assign an experienced member of staff to the project full-time.

There will be no impact on daily airport operations with all works to be carried out at night.

Council engineering staff member Ian Redman said Downer EDI Works had the necessary experience and expertise to undertake the project.

“The cost savings benefit provided to council in selecting Downer EDI Works cannot be underestimated,” he said.

“This is a high investment project that is needed to bring Albury Airport up to the minimum standards as set by CASA and provide the border community with a runway surface that lasts a further 15 to 20 years.”

Albury Airport has a single runway with a length of 1900 metres and width of 30 metres.

The surface is asphalt and grooved and last resurfaced in 1997.

“The runway is generally in good condition with no sign of significant cracking or shape loss,” Mr Redman said.

“Cracking has been well sealed in the past by a rubberised bitumen bandage, but in recent times a few minor cracks have been left untreated.”

The original estimate was based on an independent quantity survey and comparisons with recent similar projects at other airports were also assessed.