Wodonga man's obscene end to night on the drink

DRUNK Wodonga factory worker Jamie Luke Gentile dropped his pants, exposed himself and jumped on the bonnet of a security guard’s car in Albury, a court has heard.

It happened about 2.45am on October 17 at the Dean and Kiewa streets intersection. Gentile’s landing on the bonnet caused a small dent.

When the guard got out to object, Gentile walked towards him and threw a right-fisted punch.

It caused a small cut on the guard’s face and lip.

Gentile then walked off down Dean Street.

Gentile, 23, of Thomas Mitchell Drive, pleaded guilty in Albury Local Court to assault, malicious damage and wilful and obscene exposure.

Solicitor Jason Hanke said “it is conceded the offences are relatively serious for these types of matters”.

“He was on his way home. He knows the victim and has no ill feeling towards him.”

Mr Hanke said Gentile, who lives with his parents, was embarrassed and remorseful.

Magistrate Tony Murray said: “The first thing that stuck out to me was a ‘normal’ person would not behave like this.

“There is no reason placed before the court why you behaved in that manner.”

Gentile was put on a 12-month bond, fined $700 for assault and was banned from approaching the victim.

He was fined $300 on the damage charge and $500 for exposing himself.

The victim’s car was stopped at a red light when Gentile was crossing the road with two women and another man.

Gentile stood about two metres in front of the car, turned with his back to the car and pulled down his pants.

Then he suddenly jumped backwards on to the car’s bonnet landing with some force.