Wife dragged and forced out

A MAGISTRATE yesterday slammed a North Albury man over his terrible attitude towards women.

Megan Greenwood told David Robin Mackenzie, 48, that his violent behaviour stretched back decades.

“This is not the first woman you’ve assaulted in such a way,” she said in the Albury Local Court .

Ms Greenwood convicted Mackenzie of assaulting his wife and contravening an apprehended violence order.

She placed him on a 12-month intensive corrections order on the first count and, concurrently, seven months on the second, with conditions including rehabilitation program and completing a minimum 20 hours community service a month.

Ms Greenwood was told how Mackenzie, 48, had been married to his partner for just a matter of months when she was forced to take out an apprehended violence order against him on November 11, last year.

One stipulation of the order was that Mackenzie could not drink alcohol in her presence because of how it made him behave.

The situation got nasty for the woman on November 25, when Mackenzie came home from work and began drinking in front of her.

He drank a lot of Southern Comfort between 4.30pm and 8pm, and they started arguing over the apprehended violence order.

Mackenzie told his wife to leave the Kurnell Street house, but police said the victim wanted to stay “to work things out” and the man then went to a bedroom to get the woman’s handbag.

Mackenzie grabbed the woman by the arm, before dragging her off the couch where she had been sitting.

She was crying but he pushed her towards a table.

Mackenzie grabbed her by the arm again, opened a back door and pushed her outside before closing it again.

To stop her getting back inside he put all his weight against the door.

Some time later the woman’s sister-in-law arrived at the house to speak to Mackenzie.

The confrontation ended and, not long after, Mackenzie and his wife went to bed.

Police said the woman was almost asleep when Mackenzie kicked her in the leg and pushed her out of the bed into a bedside table.

She got back into the bed, but Mackenzie pushed her out again.

They then got into a loud argument that was so loud neighbours could hear screaming.

A similar thing happened next day when Mackenzie again grabbed his wife by the same arm, causing her a lot of pain because of this and the other attacks.

Ms Greenwood told Mackenzie yesterday that he claimed he had now been sober for 60 days.

But she warned him he faced jail if he started to drink then carried out such an assault again.

She said the message had to get through to Mackenzie that woman “cannot be treated in this way”.