Sausage stink must abate

A SMELL linked to asausage casing business at Wangaratta has triggered a formal crackdown by the Environmental Protection Authority.

It has issued three pollution abatement notices against Mackay Casings after the Shanley Street factory attracted hundreds of complaints from nearby residents.

Triggered by hot weather in January, the residents raised concerns and an investigation was launched with the EPA making an interim recommendation to lessen the odour.

That action was formalised yesterday with the EPA’s North East manager, Clare Kiely, saying the new measures followed visits to the factory and smell surveillance exercises at Wangaratta.

One notice requires Mackay Casings to implement a wastewater treatment management system that involves increasing the aeration of their pond with the aim of reducing the odour by June 30.

After that work, a second notice to monitor the impact of it on the odour will come into force, with a measurable difference expected by August 31.

The final notice, which has a deadline of September 5, requires Mackay Casings to install controls that prevent untreated odorous emissions, generated through processing and wastewater pits, venting directly into the atmosphere.

Mackay Casings has also been ordered to undertake a complete odour assessment of the food processing works plant by October 6 to comply with the State Environment Protection Policy (Air Quality Management).

Ms Kiely said the EPA would check emissions and works over coming months.

“EPA will continue to monitor this issue to ensure compliance, with ongoing reporting to EPA by Mackay required as part of the notices,” she said.

“The matter was brought to EPA’s attention by the reports of local community members in mid-January. 

“We encourage locals to continue to report odour and pollution via EPA’s pollution hotline 1300 EPA VIC (1300 372 842).”

Mackay Casings director Glenn Canny did not respond to The Border Mail calls yesterday.