Jail for painter who sold drugs

Jason John Pertzel must serve a minimum five months in prison.

Jason John Pertzel must serve a minimum five months in prison.

A PAINTER who traded cannabis from his former Lavington home has been sentenced to a 12-month jail term.

Jason John Pertzel, now of Wodonga, must serve a minimum term of five months after he was sentenced by magistrate Megan Greenwood in Albury Local Court on 10 drug-related charges.

Pertzel, 41, was also put on a two-year bond for the possession of cannabis.

Ms Greenwood ordered a pre-sentence report in January after Pertzel pleaded guilty to the charges and another 62 were withdrawn by police.

Solicitor James Sloan said Pertzel had two prior convictions for drug possession matters, but had been successfully treated for cannabis withdrawal as part of his bail conditions.

Police said Pertzel supplied an ounce (28 grams) of cannabis with a street value of $280 to many people.

Little did he know drug squad police in Albury were running Operation Metry and had received approval to intercept his phone.

The extent of his drug supplying was revealed in 2000 calls and Pertzel was arrested at his Kaitlers Road home on September 24, 2012.

He had a tin with two grams and a metal pipe in his clothing, three grams were found in a backyard shed and a 10-litre paint tin hidden on a shelf in his bedroom had seven to eight ounces of cannabis.

It was claimed that large amount had been given to him a few days earlier and was for his personal use, along with supplying friends and relatives when they contacted him by phone.

When police interviewed Pertzel, they asked about the people who regularly visited his unit.

He admitted supplying them with cannabis, but claimed that he did not take any money for the transactions.

One man had visited Pertzel’s home 10 times between July 27 and September 27, getting an ounce each time.

Another man obtained an ounce on each of the three times he attended.

A woman got a total of three ounces and another man obtained a total of seven ounces over several visits.

That man was monitored asking for a quote on “a big one”, which police believed was a pound of cannabis.

Pertzel said the price was $3600 and he was unable to get hold of it any cheaper or immediately.

The man said he was looking for four or five for someone in another town.