Trial for woman accused of drug delivery

A WODONGA woman who allegedly worked as a courier for Albury drug syndicate boss Malcolm John Collins was yesterday committed to stand trial in the District Court.

Renae Louise Lautenbacher appeared in Albury Local Court and was committed for trial on three charges.

Lautenbacher, 34, of Paramount Court, faces two counts of taking part in supplying more than an indictable quantity of drugs and supplying a prohibited drug on an on-going basis.

Her case has been listed for a District Court call-over on May 7.

She has been charged with five other offences relating to the supply of small quantities of a prohibited drug.

It is alleged Lautenbacher’s involvement with Collins was revealed in covert police phone monitoring after Strike Force Roder was established in March 2012.

Early in the investigation it was revealed Collins had a large network of criminal associates who were supplying ice in the Albury region.

Collins bought large amounts from up-line suppliers and his network distributed the drugs.

He had a close assoc-iation with Samantha Stevens and in October 2012 began a personal relationship with Lautenbacher.

She allegedly helped Collins supply drugs to associates between October 3 and 10.

Her assistance included driving Collins to Sydney to meet a supplier and bring the drugs back to Albury.

It is alleged Lautenbacher drove around providing drugs at Collins’ direction.

The alleged involvement of Lautenbacher in the criminal enterprise was supported by police surveillance, both locally and in Sydney when meeting the supplier.