Bowen charge adjourned

JAKE Bowen spat on a man before knocking him to the ground at a Lavington supermarket in February, a court heard yesterday.

The circumstances of the confrontation about 9.30am on February 11 were outlined to magistrate Tony Murray during a bail application by Bowen.

Bowen, 19, of Breen Street, Lavington, has been charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm and assault.

Police had made numerous attempts to find him since the incident.

They had sought a warrant for him before finally arresting Bowen.

Mr Murray adjourned the charges until April 22 in Albury Local Court and released Bowen on bail with an 8pm to 7am daily curfew.

Police told the court the victim ended a relationship with Bowen’s mother in November 2012, but there have since been problems with the family.

The victim got off his motorbike at the Coles supermarket and saw Bowen and his sister approaching him.

The victim attempted to avoid them by walking towards a pedestrian crossing.

But Bowen blocked his path, by standing in front of him, and spat at him which landed on the left top pocket of his jacket.

Bowen shaped up in a fighting stance and the victim swung his motorcycle helmet in a circle to keep him away.

He was told to drop the helmet by Bowen’s sister and Bowen said: “Come on old man”.

The victim attempted to reach the supermarket entrance and walked into an area covered by closed circuit surveillance.

Footage showed Bowen dancing around with closed fists and the victim swinging his helmet to keep him away, but he dropped his glasses.

He picked up his glasses, turned to walk away and was punched with a closed fist which caused him to fall.

The victim suffered a red graze and swollen lump to the right cheek, grazed left knee, cut to his left forearm and skin off a finger on his right hand.

He was stunned by the punch, rang a friend for help and the police were called.

Police obtained a copy of the closed circuit footage, a statement from a witness and the victim was checked by ambulance officers, but chose not to go to hospital.