Corowa P-plate motor mechanic off the road

COROWA apprentice motor mechanic Alexander Parker Dickinson will be without a driver’s licence for nine months after being banned for drink- driving.

The P-plater did his best to attract police attention by failing to use blinkers at a roundabout.

He then threw a cigarette out the window, which prompted a warning from an officer.

It turned out his four passengers all had open cans of alcohol.

In Corowa Local Court yesterday, magistrate Tony Murray described what happened as “just crazy”.

Dickinson, as a probationary licence holder, should have had a zero blood alcohol level.

Instead, a breath analysis done after his arrest gave a reading of 0.106.

Dickinson, 19, of Betterment Parade, pleaded guilty to driving with the middle range prescribed concentration of alcohol.

He was fined $900 along with the nine-month disqualification, despite a reference saying any loss of licence meant he couldn’t do his job.

Mr Murray was told that police saw Dickenson about 10.10pm drive around a roundabout without using blinkers and stopped him.

When he threw the cigarette, an officer told Dickinson: “Unless you want to add a ticket to your troubles, I’d pick that up if I were you.”

He was asked about his driving at the roundabout and said: “Yeah, I was going a bit fast.”

The officer advised him he had also failed to indicate with his blinkers.

A roadside breath test was positive.

Dickinson was arrested and told to lock his vehicle.

His four passengers removed cartons of alcohol from the car and it was locked.

Dickinson admitted having his first drink of alcohol a little more than an hour before being stopped by the police officer.