Corowa Council won’t shift on bridge

Fred Longmire
Fred Longmire

Corowa Council is today expected to again confirm the grey route as its choice for Yarrawonga- Mulwala’s replacement bridge.

The issue is on the council agenda today after receiving a Mulwala Progress Association petition with 411 signatures opposed to the grey route.

The association wants the council to switch to the green route, allowing the old bridge to be retained for recreational purposes.

The council last week had an urgent meeting about the route with VicRoads and NSW Roads and Maritime Services after those favouring the green route contacted the roads authorities.

Corowa mayor Fred Longmire said he expected no change in the council’s position, despite another petition circulating in the area that has garnered 2200 signatures in less than a week.

“Our position was more than reinforced last week by what they presented,” Cr Longmire said.

The council has twice endorsed the grey route, most recently in September when it also ruled out retaining the bridge.

The council’s motion then also stated if Corowa and Moira councils could not agree on the route, VicRoads and RMS should make the decision.

Cr Longmire and deputy mayor, Mulwala-based Daryl Davey, led a deputation that met VicRoads and RMS last week.

They were told the grey route supported the Moira Council’s adopted planning strategy.

The grey route also had the best transport outcomes and the green route would have the most detrimental impacts on several Yarrawonga streets.

In the report to be presented to councillors today, Corowa general manager Chris Gillard has said: “Based on the evidence with respect to adopted council strategies, impacts on residents and advice from the professional groups, there is no information council has not considered from a strategic viewpoint”.

A delegation of Yarrawonga-Mulwala residents will attend the meeting today.