L-driver’s double trouble

CLAIRE Jessica Cameron is a slow learner when it comes to driving an unregistered and uninsured vehicle without a licence.

Now she is almost $3000 out of pocket and banned from driving for three months over her repeated indiscretions.

Cameron did not attend Albury Local Court yesterday to answer two series of charges relating to driving an unregistered vehicle while holding a learner’s permit and not being accompanied by a licence holder.

She had contacted the court and indicated an intention to plead guilty to the matters.

Magistrate Tony Murray was told in tendered facts that Cameron, 18, of Wyse Street, Albury, was issued with traffic infringement notices on March 10 for allowing an unregistered and uninsured vehicle to be used.

Just six days later, she was seen driving a Holden Commodore along East Street before turning into Borella Road where she was stopped about 11.30pm.

A man was sitting in the back seat of the vehicle and police knew he was unlicensed.

Cameron was asked to produce her licence and said: “It’s just around the corner”.

When asked whether she actually held a licence, she responded: “I have my Ls, but I get my Ps soon”.

A check by police showed the vehicle had been unregistered since February 7 and Cameron claimed she thought it had “a little bit left”.

She was charged with four offences of being an unaccompanied learner, failing to display L plates and using an unregistered and uninsured car.

Police were patrolling Vickers Road about 10.05pm on April 1 when they saw the same Commodore travelling at what they thought was too fast.

Cameron was stopped in Barlow Street.

She was given a random breath test which was negative but officers detected a cannabis smell and Cameron was laughing and smiling excessively while talking to them.

She was asked to produce her licence and handed over a NSW learner’s permit.

A glass bong was found wrapped in a towel behind the driver’s seat .

It was the same unlicensed male driver who was accompanying Cameron.

She was charged with being an unaccompanied learner, using an unregistered and uninsured vehicle and possessing equipment to administer prohibited drugs.

Mr Murray imposed fines totalling $2950.