Voices for Indi gives orange the flick

THE Voices for Indi orange army is no more.

The group behind member for Indi Cathy McGowan’s entry to federal Parliament has changed its brand colour as it aims to set itself apart from the independent.

Last month, president Alana Johnson said Voices for Indi would remain non-partisan and would change its logo and colour scheme to ensure it was distinct.

Ms McGowan adopted the group’s original orange ahead of last year’s election campaign.

The group has now launched a fresh, mostly green website, featuring a green, white and indigo logo, which has a small dab of its signature orange.

In a website post titled “Where’d the orange go?”, Voices for Indi said the rebranding was initially going to be a change to the colour of indigo.

“If you look closely, (it) still acknowledges our original orange,” it said. “After all, orange is the colour of Indi’s revolution.”