Woman’s not guilty plea

PREGNANT Albury woman Chantelle Lee Many told police she wanted to frighten her former partner when she threatened him with a knife, a court heard yesterday.

Police arrested Many at her East Albury home on Sunday night and took photographs of slashes to her estranged partner’s clothing and a swollen lip he had suffered.

Many, 23, of Eastern Circuit, was interviewed by police and told them: “I didn’t stab him. If I wanted to stab him, I would have.”

She said her intention in brandishing a 25-centimetre kitchen knife was to frighten her former partner.

Many appeared in custody in Albury Local Court charged with assault, intimidation and being armed with intent to commit an indictable offence.

“They are serious allegations,” magistrate Tony Murray said during a bail application.

Solicitor Rob Hussey said Many was pleading not guilty to the charges and they were listed for hearing on June 13.

Police prosecutor Sgt Shannon Lewis did not oppose bail and Many was released with conditions.

Mr Murray was told Many had moved to Albury from Newcastle several months ago and is 21 weeks’ pregnant.

She was in a relationship with the victim for a couple of months, but he is not her child’s father.

The court heard the couple had decided to end their relationship, but were still living together until the argument.

The victim was talking on the phone about 8.30pm and Many thought he was flirting with another woman soon after the end of their relationship.

The court was told Many became angry, punched him with her left fist to the lip and told him to leave the house.

He went to a bedroom to pack his belongings when Many appeared at the doorway with a knife in her right hand.

The victim feared he was going to be stabbed, lifted the mattress from the bed and climbed inside the bed base after moving some wooden slats.

Many then grabbed baggy basketball shorts being worn by the victim and slashed at them.

He lifted his leg and the knife made three slits in the shorts, but he was not injured.

Many lost her grip on the shorts, the victim moved away and she threw the knife at him.

He was struck in the neck by the knife handle which did not cause any injury.

The victim rang police and waited out of the front of the residence until they arrived.