Addressing a postal issue

THE Communication Workers Union and Australia Post employees want to stop changes to mail sorting and deliveries in Albury-Wodonga that would see the transfer of nearly 40 postal workers from Wodonga to the Lavington distribution centre.

There are questions about the future of Wodonga’s High Street post office should Australia Post end its lease on its attached distribution centre.

Australia Post is seeking the opportunity to optimise its delivery network with no forced redundancies.

Arguments raised by the union call into question its understanding of our region, particularly a reference to workers having to cross the Lincoln Causeway in the dark.

That road has never been characterised as more dangerous than any other main road in Albury-Wodonga during winter and the suggestion it is might be regarded as laughable.

The union does question the cost to Australia Post of workers travelling between Lavington and Wodonga during their daily deliveries.

However, given there would be no redundancies forced by the transfer, perhaps the union should be giving greater consideration to making the proposal work.