Wanted a hug, got a headbutt

The attack occurred near Sweethearts Pizza on the night of the Albury Gold Cup. Picture: JOHN RUSSELL
The attack occurred near Sweethearts Pizza on the night of the Albury Gold Cup. Picture: JOHN RUSSELL

A WODONGA man reacted to harassment from the son of a former Albury police officer and councillor by headbutting him, a court heard yesterday.

Charlie James Laskey caused fractures to the eye socket and left cheekbone of Jacob Summers-Smith about 1.45am on March 29 in Dean Street, Albury.

Mr Summers-Smith, the son of Lynda Summers, was intoxicated and believed Laskey was someone he knew.

But Laskey later told police when interviewed he got fed up with Mr Summers-Smith, who kept trying to hug him.

Solicitor Jason Hanke appeared for Laskey last month and entered a guilty plea to a charge of recklessly causing grievous bodily harm.

The case was adjourned for the preparation of an agreed set of facts which were tendered yesterday.

Magistrate Tony Murray adjourned the sentencing of Laskey, 19, of Gilbert’s Road, Huon Creek, until August 5 and ordered a pre-sentence report.

Mr Summers-Smith had surgery on April 5 with a plate inserted to mend his fractures, but he has been told there is nerve damage to his face.

The extent will not be known for about eight months until after the healing is complete.

Mr Murray has ordered an updated medical report be obtained by police.

The court was told Mr Summers-Smith was intoxicated after attending the Albury Gold Cup.

He was near Sweetheart’s Pizza and approached Laskey thinking he was an associate.

Laskey told him he wasn’t the person he thought, but there was continued harassment.

When grabbed around the upper arms and briefly shaken by Mr Summers-Smith, Laskey told him not to touch him again or he would be punched.

Mr Summers-Smith reached out, but Laskey grabbed him by the front of the shirt, pulled him forward and headbutted him.

A right-hand punch thrown by Laskey had little or no impact.

Witnesses and security staff separated the pair.

Mr Summers-Smith’s nose bled and he sat in pain inside Sweethearts until police came about 10 minutes later.

They obtained details from witnesses and Mr Summers-Smith claimed he was punched three times by Laskey.

Laskey contacted police on April 7, admitted the headbutt and viewed closed-circuit footage which did not show the entire incident.

He expressed regret for what had happened.