Scissors used in stabbing

A police photograph of Jackson Daniel after his operation to rectify the wound.
A police photograph of Jackson Daniel after his operation to rectify the wound.

BRENDON Patrick Ryan used a pair of scissors to inflict a three-centimetre deep wound into the stomach of another man during a violent confrontation in Lavington on July 13 last year.

Immediately after the attack Ryan and three accomplices sped off in a car, and the victim, Jackson Daniel, was rushed by a friend to the Albury hospital.

Mr Daniel was treated in emergency and taken to surgery to rectify a large abdominal wall haematoma.

A police photograph of him after surgery was tendered in Albury Local Court yesterday when Ryan appeared for sentencing.

Ryan, 21, of Royce Street, Lavington had previously pleaded guilty to charges of reckless wounding and affray with a pre-sentence report sought.

Magistrate Tony Murray was told Mr Daniel’s recovery was “uneventful”.

Solicitor Jim Allen said Ryan was inspired by the bad behaviour of accomplice Wayne Williams, who wielded a steel bar in the confrontation in the car park at Red Rooster.

Williams was on a suspended sentence at the time for aggravated robbery and was the leading figure in the affray matter.

He was sentenced in January to eight months’ jail, with a minimum of three months, on an affray charge.

Mr Allen said Ryan was 20 at the time and had no history of violence, but long-term difficulties with cannabis.

“The injury was not trivial by any means,” Mr Allen said when suggesting an intensive corrections order could be an appropriate penalty.

But Mr Murray said Ryan’s offending was too serious.

“In my view, there was some degree of planning as far as this incident is concerned,” Mr Murray said.

He said Mr Daniel has made a full recovery.

Mr Murray said Ryan has a cannabis habit and told the officer preparing a report on him that he could not remember the stabbing.

But he did not express any victim empathy when the pre-sentence report was being prepared.

“He has laboured under a cannabis habit since the age of 13,” Mr Murray said.

Ryan spent 64 days on remand before being released on bail last year.

He was sentenced to a 12-month jail term, with a minimum of four months which was backdated to March 25 to take into consideration the time he has already spent in custody.