FLARE PHOTO SERIES: Event with pulling power

IT’S almost like a bikie gang except there are no Harleys or leather jackets — just flannelette shirts and tractors replacing the heavy metal accessories.

The Corowa Historic Vehicle and Machinery Club will host a weekend of tractor games to encourage people to find out more about the machinery — starting with a 50-kilometre tractor trek around the town.

Club president Bill Petzke said he hoped families would be enticed by the tractor games, an event that was in its 14th year.

“It’s something a bit different,” he said yesterday.

Mr Petzke said in another event, tractors would battle it out for the title of the slowest machine.

One of the main games will be tractor pulling.

“Tractors will hook on to what looks like a semi-trailer with a skid pan on the front,” he said.

“The weight gets heavier as it goes on and the tractor that pulls the load the furthest wins.”

Mr Petzke also said there would be scope for new games to be cobbled together during the weekend.

There will also be engine, truck and car displays. 

“We hope people can come along and watch the idiots, have a good feed and muck around,” Mr Petzke said. 

The tractor games will be held in two weeks time — June 14-15 — on Redlands Road, opposite the industrial area near the airport.

Entry on both days will be a gold-coin donation.