Doctor delays sentence

A MELBOURNE doctor will be advised he faces the possibility of having a warrant issued for him by Albury magistrate Tony Murray if an updated medical report on an assault victim is not provided.

Rutherglen bricklaying apprentice Nikola Sioeli Lomano pleaded guilty in April to charges of recklessly causing grievous bodily harm and assault occasioning actual bodily harm from incidents in Dean Street, Albury, in December.

One victim had a titanum plate inserted in a fractured eye socket after being coward punched by Lomano.

Mr Murray sought an updated medical report on the extent of the victim’s injury and whether he would suffer any permanent disability.

But police prosecutor Sgt Shannon Lewis said in Albury Local Court yesterday that the treating doctor from the Royal Melbourne Hospital had failed to provide the information.

Sgt Lewis said the police informant in the case made a request to the doctor on April 7.

Mr Murray said the court had the power to issue an arrest warrant for the doctor.

“The court would rarely issue a warrant for a treating doctor. Hopefully the doctor will see common sense,” Mr Murray said.

He adjourned the sentencing of Lomano, 22, until July 16, with updated medical information required.

The victim suffered fractures to his left cheekbone after being struck by Lomano about 3am on December 29.

The victim fell to the ground, suffering a large lump to his left cheek and a bleeding nose.

Another man who saw what happened went over and grabbed Lomano to prevent any further attack on the victim.

But Lomano punched him as well, causing cuts to the top of his head, over his eye and on the bridge of the nose, with a large amount of blood coming from each wound.

Security officers at a nearby nightclub saw the incident and chased Lomano on foot for about one kilometre before apprehending him and calling police.

The victims were taken to Albury hospital.

Lomano told police the two victims had been “hassling” girls.

“I hit the first bloke and he hit the ground. Someone grabbed me and I hit him too,” Lomano said.

A witness to both assaults told police neither victim had done anything wrong.