Fines after threat to slit throat

THE stress of working three jobs led to Lavington man Shaahid Nadeem Abdul assaulting his wife on two occasions, a court heard yesterday.

There were two separate incidents on May 5 and eight days later with Abdul on one occasioning threatening to “slit her throat”.

On the second occasion, he asked her to clean the house and she refused.

He threw a baby bottle at her head, but it missed and fell to the floor causing baby formula to spill.

When he told her to clean up the mess, she declined and he pushed her head.

The couple had an arranged marriage and wed four years ago.

Abdul, 33, of Douglas Road, pleaded guilty in Albury Local Court yesterday to two counts of assault, intimidation and contravening an apprehended violence order.

Magistrate Tony Murray was told Abdul had no previous matters of violence.

Mr Murray said that was the only thing keeping Abdul from receiving a jail term.

Abdul pushed his partner’s head on May 5 and she became scared, sitting with their seven-month-old child.

He put her in a headlock and she had trouble breathing, but she broke his grip and called for help.

Her father-in-law came into the room and Abdul denied touching her.

But a short time later he told his father: “The next thing I’ll do is slit her throat.”

The court was told Abdul was hoping to attend mediation with his wife and had done everything possible to show his remorse for his actions.

Mr Murray said the offences happened in the sanctity of his home.

“Thankfully this is the first time you come before the court for a matter of violence,” he said.

“I accept you have shown genuine remorse.”

Mr Murray said he accepted Abdul was under stress.

Abdul was fined $200 for contravening an apprehended violence order which happened on June 6 and did not involve any violence.

He was fined $500 and put on two-year bonds on each of the other three charges.

Mr Murray has ordered Abdul to accept Probation and Parole Service supervision.