DIM SIM GOT HIM: 6-time drink-driver nabbed after trip for takeaway

A DRINKER who decided on a late-night drive to get a Chinese takeaway was nabbed by police for his sixth drink-driving offence.

Mark David Adams — who blew 0.195 — believes someone who disliked him dobbed him in to officers.

They caught him in his driveway as he arrived home in Bardia Street, North Albury, with his takeaway.

Adams, 50, appeared for sentencing in Albury Local Court yesterday on a high-range drink-driving offence.

Magistrate Tony Murray ­ordered him to do 60 hours community service and banned him from driving for the minimum period of 12 months from when his licence was suspended.

It is the sixth time Adams has been caught for drink-driving since his first offence in 1983, and he is now jobless because of the suspension.

Solicitor Jason Hanke said Adams had played social bowls at North Albury on March 13, then drank seven schooners of heavy beer.

He had no intention of ­driving because a friend had borrowed his car, but the ­vehicle was returned to the North Albury Sports Club.

On the spur of the moment, he decided to drive and get some Chinese food in Mate Street on his way home.

Mr Hanke said Adams believed someone at the club who he does not get along with saw him get in the car and contacted police.

Mr Murray heard that a member of the public told police about Adams’ driving at 10.15pm.

Five minutes later officers saw his Ford utility in Tarakan Street before it turned into Bardia Street.

Adams got out carrying a takeway bag of Chinese food and walked to officers who were outside his boundary fence.

He smelt of alcohol, his speech was slightly slurred, his eyes were bloodshot and he was slightly unsteady on his feet.

A breath test was positive, he was arrested and a subsequent breath analysis gave a reading of 0.195.

Adams said he had been drinking from 6.30pm to 10pm at the sports club and snacked on deep fried nibbles.

“This is the sixth time you come before the court for drink-driving,” Mr Murray said.

He said there were two offences in 1983, two in 1997 and then another in 2004.