Moylan answers call — this time

KELLI Moylan declined a role in the Ovens and Murray senior rep team last year because she was already committed to coaching the Bulldogs.

She told the association to ask her “next year”.

“And that’s what they did — I could hardly knock them back,” she said.

The O and M has announced a squad of 11 for the Victorian Association Championships on Sunday week — and it’s a who’s who of the competition.

Moylan, along with assistants Kaitlyn Cummins and Liona Edwards, said they were blessed with talent.

“Of the 12 we invited to be part of the squad 11 said yes and the one that couldn’t play was locked into a prior commitment,” she said.

“There are four shooters, but the way the games are played in short bursts you need them all.

“It is different to what we are used to.”

Moylan said she would draw on experience on and off the court to bring the team together.

“These girls are pretty experienced so they know what needs to be done,” she said.

The squad: Emily Browne, Rhiannon Dolahenty, Sarah Meredith, Sarah Senini, Kate Yensch (Lav), Jess Fisher-Curnow (NA), Rebecca Cameron, Rebekah Ohlin (Wod), Laura Bourke, Bridget Cassar, Sarah Wollington (Yar).