Fred Nile set to meet pro-life group

Reverend Fred Nile

Reverend Fred Nile

THE Reverend Fred Nile has pledged to raise any concerns about the Englehardt Street abortion clinic in State Parliament if raised with him by pro-life advocates in Albury today.

The NSW Legislative Council member is on a recruiting drive throughout the state in the lead-up to the March election.

He was in Wagga yesterday and, as part of his visit today, he will meet pro-lifers including Helpers of God’s Precious Infants who hold weekly protest vigils outside the Albury clinic.

“I would be prepared to take whatever issues as high as necessary,” Mr Nile said.

“To state level and if necessary the federal level.

“I’ve personally got a very good relationship with the Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, and the new state Premier, Mike Baird.

“If the local people have any recommendations of any necessary legal challenges I would be happy to take them to the appropriate place.

“We’ve always had balance of power influence and we are hoping to retain that after the election.”

Last month, Albury Council rejected a push for an exclusion zone to stop protesters approaching women attending the clinic.

The council told organisers of a petition signed by 5500 people calling for the zone that it was powerless to act.

Mr Nile is the head of the Christian Democratic Party which seeks to support and promote pro-Christian, pro-family, pro-child and pro-life policies.

“We will do all we can to support mothers retaining their baby and trying to care for their baby themselves,” he said.

“But I certainly oppose any physical pressure on women considering an abortion.”