Victim hurt by his own steel bar

TWO men involved in a violent confrontation at Mungabareena Reserve last year will be sentenced in August after pre-sentence reports were yesterday ordered by a court.

Gregory Dean Triptree was found to be largely responsible for what happened.

Triptree had been treated at the Albury hospital for facial fractures, a broken left eye socket and a gash to both the front and back of his head.

His solicitor, Jason Hanke, yesterday tendered a picture of Triptree’s injuries to magistrate Megan Greenwood.

Triptree, 42, of Sylvania Avenue, North Albury, pleaded guilty in Albury Local Court to charges of using an offensive weapon with intent to intimidate, affray and two counts of assault.

Raymond Scott Sommers, 42, of Eastern Circuit, Albury, pleaded to an affray charge.

The court was told in tendered police facts that Triptree was at Mungabareena about 1.30am on December 21.

A convoy of four cars came along and Triptree had a torch which he shone at the first vehicle which dropped its lights.

It drove too close to Triptree and hit his torch as it went past.

The same thing happened with the second car and Triptree fell backwards landing on his buttocks.

He threw the torch at the third car and the occupants of the four vehicles stopped to discuss what had happened.

Sommers arrived as a passenger in a fifth vehicle, Triptree got in with them and they drove to where the other four cars were stopped.

Triptree armed himself with a 40-centimetre steel bar as he got out of the car and Sommers issued a challenge to fight.

There was a struggle between Triptree and another man before they fell to the ground.

It was while they were wrestling that another member of the other group used the bar to hit Triptree.

Sommers swung a punch at someone from that group, but it had failed to connect.

Triptree began staggering around after being hit and spat blood on the exterior and interior of a vehicle which hit the faces and body of its two occupants.

Sommers and Triptree went to hospital.

Two others were treated by paramedics.