Jasper attracts attention on Twitter

IT appears even retired MPs aren’t safe from the reported tensions between the Liberals and The Nationals.

Upper house MP for the Western Metropolitan Region, Bernie Finn, posted a comment on his Facebook page directed at former Murray Valley MP Ken Jasper, apparently implying a desire to run him down.

The post, seen by The Border Mail, said: “Saw Kenny Jasper walking across the car park at Parliament House today. 15 seconds earlier and I could have made myself a national hero ...”

That’s followed by an obscenity, with Mr Finn calling Mr Jasper, “Old p!@?k”.

Mr Jasper drew the ire of some quarters of the Coalition last year when he supported independent Cathy McGowan in her bid for Indi, against sitting Liberal MP Sophie Mirabella.

Mr Finn’s remarks would seem to suggest anger is alive and well.

It comes as tensions continue to simmer between the two parties ahead of the Victorian election.

Mr Jasper declined to comment yesterday, saying Mr Finn’s comment made no sense.

Mr Finn did not respond to The Border Mail.