Family offers cash for lost pup

A WODONGA family has offered a $500 reward for the return of Bonnie, their 18-month-old staffy cross pup.

Robyn West yesterday said the dog was last seen on Friday afternoon and she fears he has been stolen.

She said a temporary fence appeared to have been cut and bricks removed to gain entry to the backyard.

“We just want her back and are prepared to offer a reward,” Mrs West said.

“We have had lots of people say how pretty she is — it worries me that staffies are such a sought-after breed.”

Mrs West said even if the dog had somehow managed to escape from the yard, she was worried about her.

“We are worried she could be roaming around in the cold,” she said.

“We really don’t believe she is wandering the streets — we have been out looking.”

Bonnie is microchipped, registered and has an ID collar with the family’s mobile number.

“If someone has just picked her up, they would have called us by now,” Mrs West said.

Bonnie’s disappearance has put a strain on the family, especially Mrs West’s husband, Justin, an ex-Army veteran who suffers post-traumatic stress disorder, and their youngest son, Liam, who has an autism spectrum disorder.

“She’s just been therapy for everyone,” Mrs West said.

“We have had her since August and we have all formed a strong bond.

“It’s not the same without her here and we just want her back.”

If anyone has information they can phone Wodonga Dog Rescue on 0407 538 922.