We won’t bow to talk in the media: McGlynn

Not amused: Aaron McGlynn

Not amused: Aaron McGlynn

OVENS and Murray boss Aaron McGlynn says the league won’t bow to public pressure when it comes to equalisation.

McGlynn expressed his disappointment yesterday that a host of league greats had gone public with criticism of the current state of the competition.

McGlynn said he was unaware of any “group” that had been formed to discuss equalisation until yesterday morning.

“I’ve got respect for all of those guys, but the disappointing thing is we haven’t heard from any of them,” he said.

“We weren’t aware of any group that has been formed.

“I would have thought if there was that level of concern, the right way to go would have been approaching the league first to have that discussion, rather than through the media.”

McGlynn remains adamant the league is doing everything it can to come to a quick resolution about bridging the gap between the rich and poor clubs.

He said the subject of equalisation would be a hot topic at the league’s next scheduled delegates meeting with all 10 clubs.

“We’re not burying our heads in the sand and it’s something that’s been on our radar for quite some time,” he said.

“It will obviously be discussed at our scheduled president and delegates meeting on Wednesday.”

McGlynn, who is in his second season as the Ovens and Murray’s general manger, said any changes to the league’s rules and regulations needed to be carefully planned and executed.

“We want the best outcome for the league,” he said.

“There are a number of options that are out there but a lot of time and thought has to be put into it.

“There’s no point bringing something in if it won’t work.

“Ideally, we want something that will help bring the bottom clubs up, not drag the top ones down.

“Believe me, I’ve read and looked at a lot of systems and it’s not as cut and dried as what some people might think.”