CASH FOR COMMENT: Aker cited for tribunal whack

NORTH Albury coach Jason Akermanis faces the wrath of the Ovens and Murray board after being charged with two breaches of the league’s code of conduct.

The former AFL star, who will not coach the Hoppers today, looks certain to cop a hefty fine for publicly slamming the tribunal’s decision to clear Wodonga’s Sam Wortmann of striking.

And in a new revelation made public yesterday, the league has also charged Akermanis for making public comment before the hearing.

Akermanis, who is interstate and will miss today’s clash with Albury, has until 5pm on Wednesday to respond to the charges.

The triple Brisbane Lions premiership player and 2001 Brownlow Medallist’s first breach came on Tuesday when he commented on the case during his regular segment on Albury radio station 104.9 Star FM.

The league released a statement yesterday reminding clubs they “must not publicly comment” on the contents of a written report or a charge prior to a tribunal hearing.

The report said doing so “would” result in a fine.

Akermanis made his second breach by “publicly commenting on the tribunal” after Wortmann was cleared.

That offence will also carry a fine, according to the league’s rules and regulations.

Akermanis told The Border Mail on Thursday he was “disgusted” with the tribunal’s verdict.

“It’s just unacceptable — the video footage is conclusive,” Akermanis said at the time.

“I can’t tell how disgusted I am.

“He punched me.”

The maximum fine the league can hand out for each breach is $1000.

However, the Ovens and Murray board has the power to inflict further sanctions if it deems the fines insufficient in the circumstances.

The board will meet on Monday to discuss the issue.

It’s not the first time a former AFL star has been in hot water with O and M officials for making comments in the media.

Yarrawonga star Brendan Fevola was slapped with a $1000 fine in 2012 after a mid-game rant on Twitter where he labelled umpires a “joke” and encouraged fans to get stuck into them.