MH17 leaves flight routes in state of confusion: Border travel agents

BORDER travel agents were deeply shocked at the loss of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17.

One early yesterday said a concerned client had already cancelled flights with the beleagured airline.

Another agency, Travelscene at Martin’s Albury, said MH17 being shot down was a tragedy.

Senior consultant Lorelle Forelli said none of her clients had been affected by the crash.

Mrs Forelli said the agency was waiting for news from airlines about what would happen next about the re-routing of flights.

“We have no information and we haven’t been advised about this by any of the airlines at this stage,” she said.

Mrs Forelli was full of praise for Malaysian Airlines, a sentiment shared by another agency that feared for the company’s future because of a possible customer backlash.

“About six years ago they won a worldwide award for the best airline in economy class,” she said.

“They’ve been a very consistent airline with great service.

“I’ve had no hesitation booking it. I’ve flown with them myself.”

Mrs Forelli expected people would soon ask about alternate routes airlines would take to Europe — over the Ukraine was popular because it was cheaper and more direct for some services.

“Now it’s whether it be over Russia, whether it be via the Middle East.

“One of the questions people are going to be asking down the track is ‘where is my airline flying?’”

Mrs Forelli said she had clients going to Russia next year who she expected to hear from in the next few days.

“They’re going to be asking questions like ‘do we still go to Russia, is it still safe?’,” she said.

“But again, we don’t know yet until we get word from the airlines.”