Prized peacock stolen in Gerogery farm robbery

A GEROGERY couple have put the call out for help following the disappearance of their prized peacock.

Jessica and Alamdar Dastani believe the bird and a sheep were stolen from their property at Gerogery at the weekend.

The thief also tried to steal a bull but was unsuccessful.

Mr Dastani bought the Indian Blue peacock when he moved from India in 2009, and hand-raised it.

While it is only worth about $150 to $200, the bird has sentimental value.

“It means a lot to me,” he said.

“It’s the national bird of India, but you can’t keep it in captivity there because it results in life imprisonment.

“When I found it over here, I straight away fell in love and bought one at auction.”

The couple had also hand-raised their sheep Wesley, who they also discovered missing on Monday.

“I think they’ve driven in the driveway and taken them,” he said.

It’s rare to see foxes on their property and wild dogs are not a problem in the area, Mr Dastani said.

“Why would someone do this?” he said.

Mrs Dastani said she hoped someone would drop the animals back over the fence of the property.

A reward is also being offered for the safe return of the animals.