Bronwynne Richardson murder | 30 years can't ease the pain

First published: November 10, 2003

THE passage of time has failed to ease the sorrow, pain, frustration and anger that have been Stan and Noelle Richardson's constant companions for the past 30 years.

Tomorrow those emotions will be stronger than ever as they try to cope with the 30th anniversary of the murder of their daughter Bronwyne.

"It does not get easier, it's got worse," Mrs Richardson said yesterday.

"There is no action, nothing  we are in limbo, there is no feeling like it."

Mr and Mrs Richardson's lives changed forever on the night of October 12, 1973, when police told them Bronwynne had been abducted in Smollett St, Albury.

Her body was recovered from the Murray River just west of Albury two days later.

From that moment on their burning hope has been for justice for their murdered daughter and closure for them and their other children, Robert, Gary, Jannette, Helen and Fiona.

But Bronwyne's killer remains at large.

"Instead of getting easier, it is getting harder because the person who did it has not been brought to justice," Mrs Richardson said.

"We can never put Rest in Peace on Bronwyne's headstone until that happens, and that is our one great wish.

"It would be an absolute miracle if it did  we pray for that miracle each day, but it never happens."

Mrs Richardson said Bronwyne's murder had fractured their family with the only regular contact coming from Jannette and Fiona.

"It has busted the family wide apart over the years, but they have their lives to live," she said.

Mrs Richardson said the past 18 months had been horrendous with Mr Richardson battling cancer.

"When Stan was so sick we did not know what was going to happen  it was touch and go several times," she said.

"The past 18 months have been horrendous  not as bad as when Bronwyne died, but very close to it."

Mrs Richardson said Mr Richardson was now in remission but was not well enough to visit Bronwyne's grave at the Carlisle cemetery near Rutherglen.

"We are not going to Bronwyne's grave this year, it would be too much for Stan. It will be the first year we have not been down."

Mrs Richardson said that while Mr Richardson was ill she had battled to save their home from the bushfire that raged through Canberra.

She said they had heard nothing from police for months.

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