Bronwynne Richardson murder | The crime that rocked a little town

GARY Poidevin hopes the family of Bronwynne Richardson will have some sort of closure 40 years after her death.

Mr Poidevin was 22 when Bronwynne was killed and her body discovered in the Murray River.

He grew up on the same road as her family in Corowa and vividly remembers the impact her death had on the community.

“It was terrible,” Mr Poidevin said.

“It tore the family apart.

“I know that the father and mother have continually grieved and they’ve always felt there was somebody who had to be caught.

“They’ve always been there trying to get that person, or persons.”

While many residents have since moved away from the area, Mr Poidevin has remained in the town.

“Corowa was only a little town,” he said.

“Bronwynne worked in Albury because there weren’t a lot of jobs.

“We were a quiet little town.

“For that to happen to one of our kids was devastating.

“Hopefully there’s closure for her family.”

Bronwynne was “just a normal girl around town”, Mr Poidevin said.

“She was a nice kid.

“She was from a normal family — part of the community.

“I could stand at my front gate and see her place.

“We were only a street apart.”