Bronwynne Richardson murder | Selfless person who loved children

Bronwynne Richardson.
Bronwynne Richardson.

A RARE person who hardly seemed to think of herself at all — that was how Bronwynne Richardson was described at her funeral in October 1973.

More than 500 people gathered at Corowa’s St John’s Anglican Church to mark the life of the teenager who that year had won the town’s Miss Showgirl competition.

About a fifth of the town’s population was given an insight into Miss Richardson by the Reverend William McCall.

“Within this town there are many children who will remember what she did for them,” Fr McCall said.

“Bronwynne was one of those rare people who hardly seemed to think of herself — always it was what she could do for those around her, whether in her own house and family or the larger community.

“I do not simply say these things because of the tragic nature of her death. I say them because they are the truth.

“Do not let bitterness and hatred cloud over you.

“This will only increase your suffering and your distress.

“Leave the pursuit of justice to those whose task it is and who will strive to do their utmost in that duty.

“Try not to think of the one that did this terrible thing.

“He will be in need of God’s forgiveness more than those who he has harmed.”