Time V/Line stood up

AS IF Border rail commuters haven’t dealt with enough disruptions and service cancellations on the Albury to Melbourne rail line, news of further problems comes as just another disappointing chapter in frustratingly long story.

Now The Border Mail has learned conductors on V/Line trains are having to sit down to ride out a rough stretch of track between Avenel and Violet Town.

The rough ride is also forcing V/Line to close the buffet car on the same stretch of the east track.

V/Line has confirmed the problem and there are reports of some conductors having been injured as a result of carriages “jumping” on the track.

The rail operator is blaming the rough track on recent wet weather which it says has caused mudholes to appear between Avenel and Violet Town.

The Australian Rail Track Corporation has undertaken repairs on the track including spot tamping, track compacting and resurfacing, as well as ballast repairs.

V/Line says its trains will continue to run at a slower speed of 80km/h for a few more days until the works are bedded down.

Hopefully the works will smooth the ride for passengers and V/Line staff.