Help for drunken East Albury booze thief

IZZAC James Williams was heavily intoxicated when he kicked in a sliding glass door at the East Albury supermarket to get more alcohol, a court heard yesterday.

Despite cutting his right leg to the bone, Williams had persisted in forcing his way inside to load up with bottles of spirits.

He forced entry to the store about 12.25am on November 12, stayed a few minutes and then escaped to a nearby house in Eastern Circuit, where he was living.

Police were at the scene within 10 minutes, saw blood-covered shards of glass and blood outside and inside the supermarket.

A short time later, they saw an ambulance arrive nearby, went to investigate and discovered paramedics treating Williams for deep cuts to his right lower leg and left ring finger.

He denied any knowledge of the offence, but a check of security video footage showed the clothes worn by him matched those of the intruder.

Later, police seized his clothing and a mobile phone that revealed Facebook messages between him and his girlfriend.

In one of them, Williams told her he had cut his leg “doing the IGA”.

Williams, 18, of Thurgoona Street, appeared in Albury Local Court yesterday and pleaded guilty to a charge of break, enter and steal after a charge of aggravated break and enter committing a serious indictable offence in company was withdrawn.

Solicitor Joy Kirby said Williams had far too much to drink before the offence.

“He accepts that he does have an issue with alcohol,” Ms Kirby said.

Magistrate Megan Greenwood put Williams on an 18-month bond with a condition to accept alcohol counselling.

“It is a real worry that you persisted with this even though you were so badly injured,” Ms Greenwood said.

Williams used a piece of clothing to cover his face and hide his identity as he repeatedly kicked the door until it smashed.

When inside the supermarket, he forced a roller grate open and entered the alcohol department.

He took bottles from a display shelf and put them in a bag, but a number were smashed in the process.

Police obtained a search warrant and seized a large number of spirits bottles from where Williams was living.

He initially told police his injuries were sustained by kicking and punching a wall in his house.