One death is one too many

NEW statistics from the Transport Accident Commission showing there have been four fewer road deaths in the Wodonga and Wangaratta police service areas in the 12 months to June is good news.

But police won’t rest on their laurels, urging motorists to understand even one death is too many for families who lose their loved one.

Both regions have seen fewer injuries in motor vehicle crashes requiring acute hospital admission.

Obviously that has a great impact on the costs borne by the community for health care and rehabilitation of those injured on our roads.

Sgt Cameron Roberts, of the Wodonga highway patrol, says enforcement is one strategy in driving down the road toll; equally important is the ongoing push for education and changing driver behaviour.

He says many road deaths can be attributed to fatigue or distraction among drivers, an assertion supported by his colleague in Benalla, Sgt Jeffrey Kyne, who has seen fatality numbers remain the same so far this year as they were last year.

Sgt Kyne says educating motorists must be supported by penalties and fines to reinforce the correct behaviour.