Lines drawn by teachers | Editorial

A SURVEY of teachers by the Australian Education Union has found an increasing number of people joining the profession believe they will stick with the career for only a decade.

The union says teachers believe the profession lacks job security and many are employed for their first five years on short-term contracts rather than in permanent positions.

Victorian branch president Meredith Peace says if teachers are less likely to remain in the job then schools, particularly those in regional areas, will continue to find it difficult to attract new teachers.

But Education Minister Martin Dixon has rejected the survey as “narrow- focused” and said the Napthine government had increased education spending.

Those teachers employed on contracts were filling positions for those on long service leave, extended sick leave or family leave, he said.

The union is critical of the use of contract employment of teachers as a cost-saving exercise by the government and its survey found those forced to reapply for their job said it had a negative impact on their teaching.

The lines appear to have been drawn by the union and the government ahead of any industrial relations battles that lay ahead.