Suspended sentence for West Albury ice addict

A WEST Albury woman described by a District Court judge as a drug “facilitator” has been put on an 18-month suspended jail sentence.

Judge Martin Blackmore said Amanda Harvie had a long-standing addiction to drugs which started in Melbourne when she was aged 15.

He was told Harvie had had a tragic life and many times had overdosed resulting in admissions to hospital.

Harvie, 46, appeared in the District Court at Albury on a drug supply charge.

The court was told she was a regular client of Albury ice syndicate mastermind Malcolm Collins when his supplying around the Albury region was in full swing.

Police involved with Strike Force Roder, set up to investigate Collins, monitored about 100 phone calls between him and Harvie.

She organised getting quantities of ice for herself and Collins supplying the drug to others.

But Harvie rang Collins on August 11, 2012, and asked if he was interested in “Aussies”, a reference in the drug scene to an ounce (28 grams) of methamphetamine.

Collins said he was always interested in that sort of stuff and queried the price.

Harvie said she would check, told Collins it was $1100 and he replied that it would be $11,000 and not the smaller amount she mentioned.

About two weeks prior, Harvie had supplied Collins with eight grams of cannabis.

Barrister Christine Mendes said Harvie had offered to supply Collins with a substantial amount of ice.

“It is the sort of offence where you would normally go to jail,” Judge Blackmore said.

The transaction with the 28.3 grams of ice did not eventuate.

He said Harvie assisted associates in getting drugs from Collins, but played only a limited role.

“I accept that her role was a facilitator putting the parties together,” Judge Blackmore said.

“She was a user and Collins was a supplier.

“The offender does have a significant prior criminal history.”

Judge Blackmore ordered Harvie to participate in drug rehabilitation during the suspended sentence.