Brother shot in Thurgoona gun accident

A MAN required emergency surgery after accidentally being shot by his brother in Thurgoona on Wednesday night. 

The pellet lodged in the 18-year-old’s stomach after his brother, 25, accidentally discharged an air rifle at their Honeysuckle Street home. 

The incident occurred about 8.20pm and the victim had surgery at Albury hospital to have the pellet removed that night.

He was released yesterday. 

Police suspended the shooter’s firearms licence and seized six guns. 

Superintendent Beth Stirton said the victim could have died in the shooting. 

“Any discharge of a firearm can be lethal,” she said.

“Depending on where it hits the person’s body, we can have death and serious injury from any firearm discharge.

“People need to be absolutely careful they use them appropriately and are well trained in the use of firearms.

“There are significant penalties, ranging to jail terms, if they accidentally injure or kill someone.”

Supt Stirton said there was nothing to suggest foul play, but the man was still facing charges.

“It appears to have been accidental, but there are still penalties that can be faced with incorrect discharges,” she said.

“If firearms aren’t going to be used they should be stored in an approved gun safe so they’re safe and secure.

“They should be stored unloaded and the ammunition should be stored in a separate location.”

The man will be charged by summons with reckless wounding and discharging a firearm in a residential area to appear before court on September 30.

The maximum charge for reckless wounding was seven years jail, Supt Stirton said.