Pigeons build to finals

Adam Prior, Myles Aalbers, Matt Pendergast, Kade Stevens, Mitch Palmer, Sam Harris and Nick Meredith were all missing for the Panthers that day and Kennedy admits it led to complacency at J.C. Lowe Oval.

“I think we saw a complacent Yarrawonga run out onto the ground that day,” he said.

“A lot was written about how many players they had out and our energy was really down on the day.

“It was a really big wake-up call for us.

“Pressure was what won us the past two premierships and at the minute, Lavington is the benchmark.”

The Pigeons have put the league back on notice in recent weeks and belted North Albury by 106 points last Saturday.

“Drew (Barnes) and I are happy with how we are tracking,” Kennedy said.

“You can see the difference between May, June and now.

“There is a spring in their step.”